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Photo Requirements

Photo Requirements for all Products

Image Quality:
• Images originally taken with a digital camera will produce the best results
• Image must be submitted in a high resolution, digital format with a minimum size of 4" x 6"
• DO NOT crop or edit your photo before submitting. 
• If you would like the final image to be cropped or converted to black and white or sepia, simply specify your wishes in the "special typesetting instructions" box at the bottom of the page.
• DO NOT submit images taken with a camera phone as they will not produce a clear picture when enlarged for your card.
• DO NOT submit ANY inappropriate images. This includes but is not limited to: pornography, nudity, child nudity, etc. Any image deemed inappropriate will not be printed.

Scanning an Image:
• Make sure to clean the glass of your scanner to remove any dust or fingerprints (see your manual for cleaning details)
• Scan original prints ONLY; copies of copies will reduce the quality of your image!
• Set your scan resolution to a minimum of 300 dpi
• Save your image as a JPEG (or JPG) file type

Submitting an Image:
• Have your digital file ready to submit when you place your order
• Email your digital file to after your order has been submitted. Specify your order number in the "subject" line.
• Make sure to name your file using the name of the person SUBMITTING the order to avoid photo confusion

Copyright Infringement:
• It is UNLAWFUL for us to reproduce images that are copyrighted without the express written permission of the person or entity that created the original work
• You, as the customer, assume ALL legal risk and responsibility associated with using a copyright protected image (or any image) without the permission of the photographer/artist. 
• You will check a box prior to completing your order that releases kpvance designs, llc and all associated with the company from responsibility on any and all claims and litigation that may arise from improper use of an image.

Questions of Problems?
Send an email to with any questions or concerns on how to properly prepare your image for printing